Elevate your drive- thru experience and increase sales with digital display software and technology.

Our partner, Texas Dairy Queen states 80% of traffic is outdoor and 85% of consumers want to see more video content. We can help. 

Scale Your Business with Digital Signage That Informs and Captivates

Custom menu creative designed designs to grow sales

Using proprietary research paired with our decades of restaurant experience, our menu designs are custom developed to meet a restaurant brand's sales goals. You can increase sales of high margin items and add-on purchases while providing customers with a better experience.

Robust software that is easy to use and scale

WAND's digital menu software has unmatched capabilities that allow you to create and manage menus like never before. It also is built to scale and manage content across a store, group or concept level.

Hardware that's built to last

We partner with leading menu display and digital menu player providers to provide commercial-grade hardware that is built for the restaurant environment and supported by a 5-year warranty and 24/7 US-based support.

Indoor Digital Menu Systems

Designed to increase customer engagement and drive sales

Outdoor Drive-thru Display Solutions

Built to elevate the customer experience and store profitability

Our clients

Driving menu technology for leading brands

Why Choose WAND?

Industry Leading technology

Digital menu technology offers sophisticated capabilities that help restaurants grow their sales.

stronger brand loyalty

Bright menu boards help add a modern look and feel to your restaurant while providing customers with a consistent brand experience.

Digital Menu Software TRM

Greater Operational efficiencies

Digital menu boards eliminate the need to print, ship and replace menus as your content is updated. Instead, you can make changes in the click of a button.

enhanced customer experience

Digital menu technology can easily and consistently improve the in-store experience by decreasing a customer’s perceived wait time.

WAND Compelling Creative

As the industry leader in digital design services, the award-winning WAND Digital Agency has a full team of creative designers, animators, deployment specialists and project managers who are fully dedicated to menu design. When you work with us, you work with an agency that partners with restaurants to help build and design menu boards that achieve business goals and grow sales. 

Simple And Fast Financing

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