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Increase your sales by 3-6%. GUARANTEED.

WAND has been an industry leader in restaurant technology for over 30 years, and is dedicated to driving results. So much so, that WAND guarantees all customers a 3-6% increase in sales upon implementing the Enterprise Digital Menu Solution in their restaurant. What other digital menu board provider can say the same?

Digital Menu Software


WAND understands there is no “one size fits all” solution for restaurant owners. Whether you own one restaurant or one hundred, we have a tailored Digital Menu Board solution to meet your unique needs.

WAND Express Digital Menu Software

Express Solution

A digital menu solution ideal for restaurants with 1-2 locations.

  • Includes top quality hardware and software that works on any TV with an HDMI plug-in
  • No design experience required, simply select from a variety of professional templates and layouts
  • Edit your menu items, design, prices and calories instantly with our easy-to-use platform

WAND Enterprise Digital Menu Software

Enterprise Solutions

A complete digital menu board solution for brands with 3+ locations looking to scale.

  • All Enterprise customers who enlist the WAND Digital Agency for content creation are guaranteed a 3-6% increase in sales 
  • Designed for restaurant brands looking for full-feature digital menu packages
  • Commercial-grade hardware designed for restaurant environments



Your restaurant menu display is the perfect place to easily introduce new menu items and promotions. See what’s playing at each of your locations at any time.

Industry Leading technology

Digital menu technology offers sophisticated capabilities that help restaurants grow their sales.

stronger brand loyalty

Bright menu boards help add a modern look and feel to your restaurant while providing customers with a consistent brand experience.

Digital Menu Software TRM

Greater Operational efficiencies

Digital menu boards eliminate the need to print, ship and replace menus as your content is updated. Instead, you can make changes in the click of a button.

enhanced customer experience

Digital menu technology can easily and consistently improve the in-store experience by decreasing a customer’s perceived wait time.

Our clients

Driving menu technology for leading brands

WAND Digital Agency

As the industry leader in Digital Menu design services, the WAND Digital Agency has a full team of creative project managers, designers, animators and deployment specialists who are fully dedicated to digital menu design. When you work with us, you work with a digital menu company that partners with restaurants to help build and design menu boards that achieve business goals and grow sales. Our years of expertise give clients access to proven menu-design best practices and techniques. We help improve the customer experience of your restaurant by creating optimal menu layouts that include motion graphics and animations for your digital menu boards — so you can make more sales!

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