Turn your menu into a powerful selling tool

As a restaurant, your menus do more than show what you sell — they also market your meals to visitors and entice them to buy. In fact, WAND’s Digital Menu Solutions influence millions of customer purchase decisions every year. Let our digital menu company help your restaurant cross sell, upsell and increase sales of key menu items. Our digital menu boards are designed to help restaurants reach their goals. That is why WAND is the chosen provider of menu design services for many of the world’s leading restaurant brands.
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WAND provides multiple restaurant digital signage options to fit your needs. Whether you have one store and want to begin using digital menu boards, or hundreds of stores and need to achieve scale and maximum sales impact, we have a solution that’s right for you.
Single Store User

Express Solution

A do-it-yourself solution for single store operators to go digital.

Enterprise Solutions

Digital menu solutions for restaurants looking to grow sales.


Your restaurant menu display is the perfect place to easily introduce new menu items and promotions. See what’s playing on restaurant menu signage at each of your locations at any time.

Industry Leading technology

Digital menu board technology offers sophisticated capabilities that help restaurants grow their sales.

stronger brand loyalty

Bright digital menu boards help add a modern look and feel to your restaurant while providing customers with a consistent brand experience.

Greater Operational efficiencies

Digital menu boards eliminate the need to print, ship and replace menus as your content is updated. Instead, you can make changes in the click of a button.

enhanced customer experience

Digital menu board technology can easily and consistently improve the in-store experience by decreasing a customer’s perceived wait time.

Our clients

Driving menu technology for leading brands

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WAND Digital Agency

As the industry leader in menu design services, WAND Digital Agency has a full team of creative project managers, designers, animators and deployment specialists who are fully dedicated to digital menu design. When you work with us, you work with a digital menu company that partners with restaurants to help build and design menu boards that achieve business goals and grow sales. Our years of expertise give clients access to proven menu-design best practices and techniques. We help improve the customer experience of your restaurant by creating optimal menu layouts that include motion graphics and animations for your digital menu boards — so you can make more sales!

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